Pyogenic Granuloma

I’ll just tell you my story and show you some pictures. If however, you want to know more, this website seems quite simple:

Strangely, what I remember is that I bruised my index finger when trying to open our kitchen door. At the time, it was a bit of an effort and the handle had a sharp edge. The bruise then became swollen and a small wound formed as though I’d broken the skin and a scab was trying to do it’s job. One day, I noticed it was bleeding. I thought it was just because I’d hit it again or the scab had softened after having my hands in water but I didn’t pay any attention to it. Then, the scab came off and underneath was a hole. I kid you not. Not only that, it looked like a small alien was trying to emerge from the said hole. I quickly covered it with a plaster. And, for the next six months (if my memory serves me correctly), I attempted to allow it to heal alternating plasters with ‘giving it air’. When I’d be doing simple tasks like tying my shoes however, if I’d forgotten the plaster, I’d soon see drops of blood on the floor, dripping down my palm from my index finger. It would bleed through tissues and eventually I’d replace a plaster. I’d found these finger plasters that wrapped around a finger three times to give it extra padding and I just kept changing the bandages. I did have it looked at by a doctor and eventually was sent to a plastic surgeon (probably a bit over the top for treatment). In any case, what she did was remove the growth and apply a special bandage she said would aid my skin in forming a covering over the hole left. No stitches required. By the way, the wound and the treatment were virtually pain free.

Moral of the story–if your growth looks anything like the photos that follow and seems to bleed profusly at the least bit of provocation, Get. It. Seen. To. Do not put it off, the mess just keeps happening otherwise.



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