…you were made in my image…Genesis 1.27

What IS the image of God? When you look at just one room of people with the varying physical traits, diverse facial expressions and ways of speaking, and all the distinct ways people ‘tick’ differently, you could ask–what does the image of God look like? Everyone here is so different. But, is there one image?

We sure treat each other in Christian circles as though there is–God’s child looks like this, talks like this, does these things and not those things. We try to paint a picture of God that will limit Him to the frame (gilt and elaborate as it is) we’ve put around our construct. It just can’t work. God is too big, too multifaceted, too creative to be limited by our finite imagination. Since each of us were made in the image of God, then, each of us exhibit a part of who He is and together, we make up the whole picture…like pixels or individual photos pieced together to make a complete portrait. There is one image He sees: Christ in us working His way out through all of our natural differences. When we look at Him, the reflection is Christ. We may think we’re clothed in rags, old, worn out but, He sees eternal life in us. We may think we’re doing ‘all the right things’, look polished and speak glowing words, but, when He looks at us, He simply looks for resurrection life residing in the heart and all the other stuff is just plain white noise.

When we put our trust in God, His life is mirrored in ours. Rejoice in diversity, it expresses the fullness of who God is!


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